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White kitchen cabinets – Never as today has been such a variety of kitchen furniture within reach. We live in the era of image and design, so who wants to reform its kitchen offers a wide range of styles, materials and qualities to choose from. But among all options, there is one that does not go out of fashion: we mean white kitchen furniture. His timelessness, lightness and adaptability to any style are some of its main advantages, but there’s more. White furniture with glossy finish  are elegant, sophisticated and ideal in kitchens of modern design

Posted on November 19, 2017 Kitchen Furniture

White is the color that enhances the light. Therefore, white kitchen cabinets with granite countertops are best suited for very small kitchens or that have no natural light. But white is also extraordinary in large kitchens, because it helps the kitchen look more bright, clean and spacious, if possible. The style of furniture and accessories will do the rest.  White and his power to enhance the light make a space look larger. It is a powerful visual effect that should take small kitchens. Look at this picture and any decorating magazine where Ferb small kitchens, white paint are the preferred choice for furniture, no doubt.

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In the white kitchen cabinets, neatness is a virtue and, at the same time, an obligation. Somehow, they are like the acid test: do not lie. Hence requiring greater consistency in the cleaning, it is necessary to look like new and stay white after year. White never go out of style, therefore, it is a sure bet for any type of cuisine. Put the furniture white kitchen is like having a blank canvas, you can continue to adapt to trends through kitchen accessories, textiles and color of the chairs or other decorative elements. And all this without touching the fixed armor.

White is the big wild card, goes with any color. But there is a growing trend in decorating kitchens that is irresistible: combine white kitchen cabinets with wood natural furniture. We have imported the Nordic style, like many other things, because the wood gives the kitchen warmth the point of missing the target. And because both tones together, are great right? Opting for white is just one of the choices made when choosing kitchen furniture. Then play decides the style, and I assure you there are many. The most modern are inclined furniture minimalist straight lines, with little knobs and rather glossy finish.

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