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Mortise door knob – They date back to the 1900s, which is a testament to their quality and longevity. Installing them is a small change you can bring yourself to stand out and make a big difference in your interior.  First, open the door and examine the edge of the door latch. Use a screwdriver to remove the door handle pieces, including the spindle rod cover plate and hardware. Then, take a tape measure and add 1/8-inch more markings.

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Furthermore, draw a vertical line in the middle, between the horizontal lines, to use as a drill guide for creating the housing opening. Drill a hole every inch along the vertical line about 1 inch deep. Use a screwdriver to remove enough wood for the casing to slide through the opening. Add more boreholes and drill deeper than an inch on the size of your mortise door knob enclosure requires.

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After that, hold the lock toward the front of the door along the envelope opening. Trace the center of the door handle spindle and keyhole with a pencil and fill in the track line. Then, use a drill to remove the wood, after your tracking. Insert mortise through the housing opening. Slide the spindle rod through the stem opening. Glide front spindle and screw on the front door. The last, screw porcelain hard on the spindle to complete your mortise door knob installation.

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