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Diy Kitchen Island Plans – Let’s go making the Diy Kitchen Island Plans! kitchen island will be focal point in every kitchen, so it is your obligation to get the best kitchen island ever. Therefore, people can see how your kitchen looks very attracive and functional. Kitchen island will be a very versatile item in every kitchen. It can serve as a very comfortable place for working. It usually consists of the countertop as your very comfortable additional workspace. You can cut meat, cut vegetables, and do some food preparations there.

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Diy Kitchen Island Plans are needed very much if you also really want to have a great kitchen with best island. This item can serve you more than what you expect. The island is also a good place to put sink and faucet. Beside, you also can make it as the bar or dining table. Yes, the kitchen island can serve you many things and it is highly functional. So, in order to help you getting high end diy kitchen island, below we have some ideas to read. Hopefully can help you.

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Easy Diy Kitchen IslandSize: 1186 x 851

Diy Kitchen Island PlansSize: 1280 x 731

Diy Kitchen IslandSize: 3994 x 2216

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Making The Concept


The first and the most important thing you need to to as Diy Kitchen Island Plans is making concept. make a concept of kitchen island you want the most. It is usually smaller than a manufactured kitchen island, and some people might also call is better as the kitchen cart. The cart is small and it allows us to equip it with the wheels in its four legs. Few people consider to build a large kitchen island, but you know it must need more budget and energy.



After you have found about the concept for your DIY kitchen island, you need to start doing measurement. Just see the photo example above to do measurement. Make a layout in your paper or in your laptop, about the kitchen island you intend to build. Do exact measurement or at least with scale. Make sure that you have decided the right measurement so your DIY kitchen island will fit into your space availability.

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Choosing The Design

You can realize your best diy kitchen island with appropriate design and style. Yes we have few good examlpes of kitchen island you need to see below.


This is one of cool example of diy kitchen island. It looks simple with pallet wood, and two layers in it for storage. Additional boxes in the bottom really add its charm.

If you have old cabinet or cupboard you do not use at all, you can turn and reconstruct it into a cool DIY kitchen island. Just see the photo above, and it looks so charming as rustic small kitchen island. It will be the best helper for storage in kitchen, because it consists of drawers and cabinet.

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Going rustic but fascinating will improve the look of your kitchen. You can make a cool kitchen island with rustic look made of the remaining wood at your barn. Its tough and odd look may give sense of rustic and little bit luxury. You need to try this one, and it will be simple yet functional stuff in every kitchen.


This photo also catches my eyes very much. It looks highly elegant with its wooden material, painted with white paint for overall body. With glass top it looks luxurious and expensive. This item could be cool and decorative kitchen feature to serve you as storage, additional workspace, and also as the bar.

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