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Freestanding tub fillers – They are equate with luxurious bathroom. Similar to ancient bathtubs created for royalty, modern bathtubs exhibit some luxury qualities previously incorporate in ancient bathtubs. A deep, elegant, also oversize tub is design for a spa-like immersion experience that often offers soothing massage jets, and also hot water. Filter bathtubs are stand-alone or built-in and come in a variety of styles to fit almost any home decor and also personal preferences.

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Freestanding tub fillers are design in a variety of styles, from metals and also finishes to accommodate tubs in any home decor. Shiny silver wall taps with straight, clean lines and also sharp angles are ideal for contemporary decor. For examples, oil-rubbed bronze faucets featuring a high gooseneck arch provide decorative accents to an old world or Tuscan style. To edge of gilded brass hardware complement vintage Victorian decor. Matt nickel or brushed black taps accessorize Roman bathtubs with a traditional house style.

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For ultimate in luxury, sophistication and function, install all-in-one freestanding tub fillers. This is a one-piece item for a Roman tub that typically includes a faucet, handles and hand shower. Higher quality one-piece filler are make of solid brass, making them durable, solid and stain and corrosion resistant. Varied styles and color options make these practical Roman-bath tubs ideal for just about any bathroom decor.

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