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The Most Incredible Marble Bathrooms Designs Ideas Today

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Marble Bathrooms – The very first word when it comes to marble bathrooms is “AESTHETIC”. Marble is a natural stone that has striking colors. It has been very popular in kitchen and bathroom decor. Fireplace surround is also looking great with marble tiles. Minimalist yet glossy marble makes it loved to become one of most favored materials. It is a classic and contemporary among many options to these very days. This means that marble has never gone out of style.

However, there are pros and cons of marble to become your bathroom decor ideas. Nice and random color patterns give unique look. Classy expensive looking is featured by coherent and consistent style. The marble for bathrooms is applied onto some major portions. They are wall, sink, back splash and counter top the most.

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Bathub In Marble BathroomSize: 1200 x 1200

Black Marble BathroomSize: 1100 x 825

Small Marble BathroomSize: 2360 x 1680

White Marble BathroomSize: 1280 x 960

Modern Marble BathroomSize: 1502 x 1016

Marble Bathroom IdeasSize: 1100 x 826

What are other benefits of marble? Durability is given by its hard to chip quality. Well, marble is a strong natural stone. Easy to clean will help you in keeping marble bathrooms always beautiful.

What are the cons? Porosity allows humidity to easily be absorbed. However, it is nothing since the easy to clean value. Marble stone is expensive. However, it is worth the price since the amazing quality. Here are several examples of bathrooms with marble.

Versatility allows you to pour almost any idea into your bathroom. Marble bathroom ideas can be learned on different sites. You can go for classic traditional to modern contemporary in the styling. There are limitless way to pour your personal taste into decor ideas.

Are you interested in going modern styling? Combine marble decor with something significant accents! Indeed, sleek finishes and clean lines are major characteristics. Subway tiles for the walls and flooring look impressive. The picture above shows really stunning appearance. Gosh, I love the vanity! It is boosted its elegance by the large mirror.

Whether small or large bathrooms, white marble gives elegant touch. If you find overall white is too dull, combine it with other colors to create more tones. Small spots on flooring, rattan basket, red flowers and some greens also add unique textures.

In small bathrooms, white does always great decor ideas. Wider and spacious impression is what to get. Thus, dark and gloomy atmosphere is avoided. You can make even more elegant bathroom with small spaces by having large windows.

Who wants to go for elegantly distinctive marble bathrooms? ! Combination of both black and white marble features so unique design look. If you do not mind about a little dark atmosphere, then why not having some black parts? To create moody look and feel, it is best to install recessed LED lights. Let natural lights to enter too. Larger windows will do it okay.

Why having marble bathrooms without a tub made out of it? A marble bathtub will make a fine luxury completion. You can go for white or darker color depending on taste. This design shows that marble bathtubs are more than just luxury. Bathing, soaking and relaxing can be brought into the best level of elegance. There are ones with jets, spa and whirlpool. Your budget that decides what feature to enjoy.

Another con from marble bathrooms is getting cold easily. In how to cope with the issue, just add a complementary rug. An under floor heater is also a great option. So are you ready for a marble bathroom to bring into reality in your home? Please, share your thoughts with us. 🙂

The Surprising Jacuzzi Benefits You Need To Know

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Jacuzzi Benefits – Jacuzzi bathtub is a very interesting bathroom feature you should consider to have. There are variety of bathtub designs and styles you can choose. They are available in the market to find so easy, and of course you need to consider for having this one, jacuzzi bathtub. It is not only beautiful in design, but also very functional in its uses. When it comes so confusing to choose the right bathtub for your bathroom, then consider this one. Jacuzzi benefits will really surprise you and please you a lot. There are actually  jacuzzi benefits. Here are the points and simple explanation for each

Effect of Heat

Every jacuzzi bathtub of course can give any heat to the water and for your body as well. The warm water can help relax your body after a very hard hectic day you face. This can help you recovering your body from injuries, also can help you get better blood circulation for better quality of health.

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Cool Jacuzzy BathtubSize: 1024 x 768


The jacuzzi bathtub also can be beneficial for hydrotherapy. It is really good for your health because water resulted by the jacuzzi bathtub can even help you relieving tensions from hurting joints and the muscles. Your body is almost weightless. It can help you addresses the physical aspect of body, and then can sooth your tiring mind as well. It also can help people who have problem with insomnia.


The jacuzzi bathtub will also be very beneficial as the massager. This type of bathtub can result whirlpools or air baths. Its movement can provide full body massage, and of course it can help you feel relax.


Relax for full body. The another one benefits of jacuzzi bathtub is for having relax. You can find relaxion everyday by getting heating, and very comfortable massage to sooth your mind and body. It also can stimulate your body to release the endorphins hormone which makes you feel totally relax. The ages people are recommended to use it everyay, to de-stress themselves and better health.


So, do you still thinking of having this amazing bathtub or not? We recommend you to have this one, because it will give you so many surplus very good for your body and your bathtub decoration. When you shopping it, make sure you find best material, the appropriate size and dept, and consider whether it is air bath or whirlpools. The cast iron bathtub is the most popular, but you also can consider for the acrylic tub for cheaper price.

The Smartest Freestanding Tubs Buying Guide

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Freestanding Tubs – Bathroom is very essential in every home, it consists of some important feature including the tubs and showers. When you really want to have the most fascinating bathroom, think for both important features so well. Tubs will be a very perfect place you use for spending time for relaxing, after a very hectic day you face. Bath in the tubs will be so relaxing and interesting to do. It can work best to sooth your bad aura to be better and fresher. Bathtub, as its function and beauty, can serve both no worry. So from myriad options in the market, you can also consider to have the freestanding tubs.

When you are going to decorate your odd bathroom, think at first to make a consideration for the focal point like bath tub and shower. The bathtub is available in some different options like acrylic, cast iron, copper, bronze, stone, resin and stainless steel. When you are going to purchase it, please consider some factors below to guide you.

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Freestanding Tub LowesSize: 1280 x 960

Freestanding Tubs DesignsSize: 3994 x 2216

Freestanding TubsSize: 1500 x 1500

Freestanding Soaking TubSize: 1500 x 1500

Tub Material

Tub material is the first thing you need to consider when you are going to shop a new bath tub. There are some different options of tub material available in the market. The first, and the most popular one is acrylic bath tub. It is the relatively lightweight material and is easy to care for, and the cheap is relatively cheaper. You can find this material to perfect your contemporary bathroom design, and it comes in wide variety of options as well. Just see the photo above.

Another popular option is the metal material like stainless steel and copper. They come in both modern and traditional style. If you want to have the old-fashioned restored bathroom, this will be a great addition. Japanese soaking tubs and nickel-plated tubs are so excellent anyway, and it will be very easy to maintain. Its look can add sparkle to your bathroom.

How about stone? This is also another excellent bathtub material for excellent look of your bathroom. If you want to bring the feel of luxury italian feel into you bathroom, you need to consider this option. It is hand carved from materials like italian carrara marble, travertine and granite. To make bold statement in your lovely bathroom, this will be a great way to choose.

You also need to consider about the cast iron bathtub. This will be heavy and sturdy, considered as the strongest bathtub option. It also will be a great addition for old-fashioned luxury bathroom. It will be situated with the pedestals or plinths for the elegant look. The cast iron tub is available in variety of beautiful design options, you need to go to the shop and find the right one. Regarding durability, longevity, elegance and beauty, the cast iron tub is best ever.

Tub Style

Do a good consideration as well for the tub style. There are various different styles option you can take into account to have. The style should fit into your own bathroom decors. Some tubs are available in pedestal or plinth. This condition allows the tub slightly off the floors and then, it then can add the decorative touch into the bathroom significantly. Think also about the shape, bathtub comes in various shapes like oval, square, rectangular and even the irregular shape. How about the japanese soaking bath tubs? It sounds good to bring you elegance.

Tub Size

You need to think about the tub size as well. Measure the rea where you are going to place your freestanding tubs, and then decide about the appropriate size of your bathtub. It is also really important to do in advance before you go shop. Conside as well about the purpose of tub, is it for massaging, or simply for bathing? You also need to consider about who will use the tub.

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Making 90 Degree Shower Curtain Rod

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90 degree shower curtain rod is a good way to create a customized curtain rod, and may end up being a lot cheaper than buying an L-shaped rod, or have a plumber install one. You can use copper to make a curtain rod, and you do not have to do any welding experience to get the job done.


Measure the outer edge of a bathtub or shower hand basin and end where you want the 90 degree shower curtain rod to go. Cut two pieces of copper pipe to length and width measurements are taken using pipe cutters or a hacksaw. Insert the end of the length piece to one side of a three-way pipe fitting, and end of the piece the width of the other side, with the remaining opening up.

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This will make a corner, and gives you the 90 degree for the curtain rod. Measure down from the ceiling to the height you want the 90 degree shower curtain rod to hang, and cut a third piece of copper tubing to this length. Insert a mounting flange on the free end of the length, width and height of the upright tubes, and connect the flanges to the pipes with screws supplied flanges. Attach the flanges to the walls and ceiling with screws included with the mounting flanges.

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