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Fiat shower drain – Install a Fiat shower is not that much different than installing any other shower. You must frame out the wall to insert it into coarse-solder it and set the device in the prepared, plumbed space you framed out of it. Frame shower cabin with 2-by-4s. Hold the square, level, and plumb using your square and level.

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Furthermore, cut a hole in the floor to match the size of the fiat shower drain to be installed. Installing plumbing tree using the chart that came with the unit. Then measure from the back of the screw flanges as indicated by the graph. Drill small, ¼-inch pilot holes at these locations from the back / unfinished side of the unit.

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Use a hole saw to cut these pilot holes from the inside of the shower stall. The center hole saw of the pilot holes accurately to keep the hole in line with the fixture’s markings. Install the shower drain following the instructions and diagrams that came with the unit. Set the prepared shower stall in the opening. Use shims to get a shower in line before securing it. Seal the outer edge of the entire fiat shower drain unit, turn on the water supply and check how it works.

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