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Shower rod flange – The flanges are inexpensive and available at most hardware and home-improvement stores. To put on shower rod flange, place a flange on the wall with the center hole aligned to the mark on the wall. Passing the tip of a pencil through each screw hole in the flange to mark their position on the wall. Remove the flange. Follow the same procedure to mark flange on the opposite wall.

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Drill a pilot hole through each screw – whole mark. At least two screws to attach each flange to a framing stud or winged wall anchor. Where necessary, install wall anchors in pilothullfor safe installation. Place a shower rod flange on the wall, aligning its screw holes for pilot holes or wall mounts. Attach the flange to the wall using a drill and bit run down. Measure and mark the pipe to the calculated dimension. Trim pipe to length, using a hacksaw or cutter

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Before the second flange on the tube so that the convex side of the flange facing towards the center of the tube. Insert one end of the tube into the installed flange. Place the other end of the tube on the opposite wall, aligned to the mark. Slide the loose flange until it meets the wall. Align the screw holes in the flange of the pilot hole or wall brackets that were previously drilled or installed. Screw shower rod flange to the wall.

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