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Bathtub handrail – Railings can make life much easier for elderly or disabled people when they get in and out of the bath. The main thing is to make sure the rails are firmly attach to the wall above the tub. In many cases it will be difficult to find studs, so it’s a good idea to use anchor bolts. These are small, elongated plastic or metal pieces which sits inside a hole drill in a wall and provide screw which grip.

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Instructions to install bathtub handrail. Please hold the handrail on the wall above the tub where you need it to go. Make sure it is low enough for a person sitting in the tub to grab it, but high enough to provide stability for a person standing in the tub. With pencil, mark the screw holes inside the railing on the wall. Make the screw holes fall on solid ceramic, if the wall is tile.

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Take off the railing. With drill and appropriate bit, drill a hole in each of the marks you’ve made. If the wall is ceramic tile, use a 3/8-inch ceramic piece. Otherwise, use a 3/8-inch wooden piece. Use a hammer; tap the anchors into the holes. The flat end of each anchor screw hole in the middle, to be flush with the wall. Hold the bathtub handrail on the walls and wood screws through the screw holes in the railing, the holes in the anchors. With screwdriver, tighten the screws.

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