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Mortise locksets – is a complete lock system that includes all the components needed to complete the installation of the lock. Including the stem that will connect the parts that are on both sides of the door or window. There are a number of different types of locks and door hardware on the market today. With many of the varieties that are sold as part of a complete kit that makes installation simple and easy.

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Then the other more common example of a lockset, the mortise locksets. As Plug variety, mortise cylinder locksets works very well with the construction of a number of door types are producing on an assembly line. This type of lockset is bored a model which includes a bolt or latch in the part of the assembly that is including in the cross hole. Many of the key lever and the key in the knob locksets today are examples of the mortise variety.

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Buy a mortise locksets is not difficult at all. Almost every hardware store will carry a wide selection of lockset options that are ideal for both interior and exterior doors. There is also lockset models that are configuring for different types of windows as well. So, along with hardware stores, many home improvement stores have a wide range of easy to install locksets.

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