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Semi wrap overlay hinge – Look to see if the door in a frame overlay frame frames the frame fully or partially. Or if it is flush with the frame. The cover is the distance the cabinet door extends beyond the opening on the side of the hinge of the actual cabinet. Choose a hinge style cover if the door fully plated the front frame. And the back edge of the door is not recessed nor slots.

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Common types of coating hinges are semi wrap overlay hinge, half-wrap and the complete. Place one sheet of a semi wrap overlay hinge concealed hinge on the face frame and the other inside the door. Attach a sheet of wrap-around hinges to two or three sides of the front frame. And the other door leaf. Choose a wrap around style to give greater support and stability to heavier doors.

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Pick up a 3/8 inch semi wrap overlay hinge margin if the door partially overlaps the front frame. And there is a slot in the back edge of the door. Create a notch of the hinge in the frame. Place one blade on the frame and the other on the inside of the door. Choose a full frame hinge if the door does not overlap the face structure at all. Mount both hinge blades on the inside of the cabinet door surfaces and frame.

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