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Painting kitchen cabinets – One of best solutions to give a new look to kitchen is to change color. Therefore, today I’ll talk about kitchen cabinet painting. I cannot say it’s a simple task, but if you know how to do it can be very good. To see if what I tell you today you dare to do so, either DIY mode or hiring a professional. Before you begin, it is important to know what materials are made furniture.

Posted on December 13, 2017 Kitchen Furniture

How about painting kitchen cabinets before & after? We begin removing doors and placing them on a flat surface on which to work. If you have two wooden horses, you’ve got it solved. A tip: keep all parts in one place and, if possible, separate them by doors in small “packets”. So then you will be easier to assemble. Then we clean up all paint surfaces to remove fat and get that products adhere better apply and have no imperfections. Although depending on who you talk will recommend one product over another, we can say that this is not very important product because we use will sandpaper and then paint it over.

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Before applying product, we will have to sand door to remove traces of paint and / or varnish that may be door. We will do it using sandpaper and trying to make surface as smooth and even as possible. This will allow us to open pores to make it easier to painting kitchen cabinets adhere well. There are many people that this step is skipped go faster, but most likely this end has problems, either by painting or furniture after a while. After sanding, you have to apply a primer with a specific wood sealer. There are also products of universal primer that can give good results with wood, but it is always best to use specific one.

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When primer has already dried, you can apply nail. To painting kitchen cabinets is often recommended use of synthetic enamels, because they are more resistant. One can also find some acrylic enamel which gives good results and also practically leaves no odors. Usually best paint furniture with a short nap roller, but according to type of finish you want can consider other options. If you want to get a good result, spend a little sandpaper after each coat of enamel to eliminate imperfections and get a finer finish. You can also apply at end of all, a layer of a protective product to prevent rapid deterioration.

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