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Magnetic door knocker – If you will be replacing the teen on doorknocker to a new one? Maybe you are looking for a different style or finish. In any case the knocker on the door for shopping can be an annoying task. There is not only the choice of styles and prices, you should match or cover the impressions and pits left over from the previous one. In many cases the hardest part of replacing a door knocker is finding a suitable replacement.

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Knocker on the door itself will cover the holes. Changes can make without distract appearance of doors. The second way is through the door. Use these procedures mount hardware that went over the hole in the door to obtain them from the inside. One presents another challenge when it comes to replacement. The most obvious is the match hole to practice through your magnetic door knocker. The hole should appropriate and be big enough to handle the hardware for new knocker. The holes are small because smaller diameter range is easily correct with drill holes. If located far apart or close them is another thing.

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The distance between the holes is called the dimension of the Center bolt or BC that there’s a reason for this name seems odd. Do you like bolts that go through the center of the hole so that it is a point that you mark the door train. The problem you have when replace an existing door knocker is a hole has train by your door. The hole is cover by a knocker itself but to the affect. It can be difficult to find a new magnetic door knocker on dimensions equal BC.

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