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Brushed bronze cabinet pulls – Bronze is among the most popular metal tones to hardware. As a result, there are many styles bronze hardware to choose from. Choose a style and stick with it throughout your kitchen, drawing common features that will make your kitchen from put together to stylish.

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Oiled bronze has a dark, mottled finish fading from dark brown to light copper, depending on the light. Many oiled bronze fixtures have smooth, and also clean lines rather ornate shapes. The finish is enough decoration to make C-shaped drawer pulls and also circular cabinet handles look elegant.  Then, make drawer pulls, hinges and brushed bronze cabinet pulls and handles all follow the same design. If you choose drawer pulls with a subtle, asymmetrical curve, choose smooth egg-shaped cabinet handles and also amorphous hinges.

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Pitted bronze combines a little spotty finish with darker chips or pits dug by the metal. This finish is best used in an eclectic-rustic style. Many twig and leaf-shaped drawer pulls and brushed bronze cabinet pulls knobs come in this style, alternate leaves and twigs for the best design achievements. Some hinges in this style have wine scrollwork etched into the surface.  This style pairs best with cast iron accents, old-fashioned copper kettles, wooden countertops and willow twig furniture.