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Ceiling mount rainfall shower head – We know that showers are an element of enjoyment and decoration. But until now we have never seen one that was so striking. Especially when you tend every day more minimalism. Color is out of that trend. Because the fact that it looks more like a lamp than a shower makes it quite a visible element in the bathroom. Several types of rain showers: round, square, fine, wardrobes, larger and also smaller.

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I think I’ll never forget it the first time I tried it. You will think it does not have to be so different from when you put the shower head attached to the wall. I have often wonder what the exact difference is. At the end I have come to the conclusion that the fact that ceiling mount rainfall shower head falls totally vertical. And with less pressure, cause the water to fall, as if it were rainwater. The sensation is just that, of a stream of water that falls with hardly any strength or aggression.

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This ceiling mount rainfall shower head is make of extra. Flat stainless steel with silicone frame, acquiring remarkable dimensions. This original artichoke. If you can call it that, is available in different colors. In addition, it is possible to choose roof model or that it is anchored to the wall. And in versions with flexible or rigid feeding tube. It can be purchasing with or without LED lighting.