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Ceramic address plaques – Cold pottery is made from a mixture of ceramic powder, chalk dust and glue proportions in the mixture are very variable. Mix the ceramic powder and chalk dust in a dry container a good level. To start with three measures of ceramics for 1 measure of chalk dust Mix them well. Again, there is no recommendation glue except that you will not be using epoxy resin glue. Simple clear glue designed to create a strong bond between wood and leather, for example, will do Add glue in small steps until you have created dough

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Apply doughy mixture to the metal plate, which will be the base of your plaque. Use the palette knife to create any character or special embossed effects you want on your ceramic address plaques. Build up depth of the mixture until you have the effect that you want. By using different layers of dough and shape them, you will be able to create a three-dimensional image to serve as the background for your address size of your metal plate and the amount of dough you made, will manage the size of your plaque

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When plaque looks like you want, leave it to dry for several days. Dough becomes hard. And you will be able to use sandpaper or fine glass paper to give it a good clean surface. A small mix of dough can using for preparing an adhesive plaque characters. Paint the entire surface with a high gloss varnish. When the paint is completely dry, you can paint the plaque with acrylic paint. The custom ceramic address plaques are reasonably weatherproof but like many ceramics, are quite crazy.

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