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Shower Tension Rod Caddy – Measure carefully to find the right size for the shower tension rod caddy you need. The more a tension rod is extend, the less pressure that can generate. Therefore, tension rods which are expanded to their maximum length may not be as stable as those fit tightly. Measure carefully the shower space. And ensure it meets the lower number of requirements. (This is for for the selected caddy will help to avoid slipping problems.)

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Re-adjust the shower tension rod caddy as needed during the installation process. To adjust the shower caddy, loosen the tension rod and place the caddy at the desired location. Rather than stepping away as soon as it stays in place, it is advisable to increase the voltage to fitted very well.

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Add friction if your shower tension rod caddy continues to slip. Shower caddy slipping is often due to accumulated moisture. Which causes the ends of the tension rod to grow smooth, lose grip? For older caddy that are just beginning to slip. Remove the base and clean the rubber tension rod ends with alcohol. For caddy where the rubber has worn off or never existed, adding a scrap of carpet. Also adding a duct tape, or a thin sheet of rubber, located between voltage rail and shower wall. This is an excellent use of rubber jar openers. Which are often give away by local businesses.

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