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Lion head door knocker has long been thought of as good luck charms, which is why many people keep one in their homes. With ends up, the lion head is believed to hold the happiness of the residents; with ends down, happiness is spilled. A lion head door knocker is a decorative and functional project for your home. Since the pieces are iron, you need some special tools.

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Set up a drill press with 5/16 inch drill cobalt. Cobalt is a material that will cut through iron. Target nail with the bit so that it will drill completely through the nail, one inch below the tip. Squeeze the tip of the drill press fence.  Power and slowly lower the drill to drill through the tip. Continue to drill slowly until you pass through the tip. Raise the drill and drive it.

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Arrange lion head door knocker, with the ends upwards of happiness, in the face of the wood plaque where you want it. If it is not tight against the timber, add more screws in other holes. Remove nail from the drill press. Measure from the flat head to the drilled hole. Twist one eye bolt into plaques 1 inch to the left of the selection. Place a washer over the end of the carriage bolt and turn the nut on the end. The head of the nail comes to rest against, and beat, the center-bottom of the lion head.

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