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Bathtub spigot – First close the general water spigot. Open the spigots of the group that we are disassembling. And with the wrench of the appropriate size they must be unscrewed the two nuts that hold it attached to the pipe in the wall. The nuts must be loosened before both. And then unscrewed alternating about every lap, lap and a half. Unscrewing the chrome rings. We will see the threaded pipe sleeves screwed into the tube flush with the wall.

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If you were lucky to find a bathtub spigot new group with the stases wheelbase that had the old, then the thing is simpler. Because otherwise both will be disassembled and eccentrics mounted new ones. Appropriately “trimmed” with Teflon or hemp (commonly called “tow”). Be careful to put an appropriate amount. Otherwise you risk that the whole thing does not make tight and you can have losses that will force us to start all over again. The cams must not be screwed to the end. But after 5 or 6 laps must be brought to a position in which they are at the same height.

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Bright Bathtub SpigotSize: 990 x 662

Bathtub Spigot SpoutSize: 800 x 600

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Bathtub Spigot CoversSize: 980 x 490

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Also at the right distance to be able to screw the new group without that the dice would force excessively. You will need to insert the supplied gasket with the new bathtub spigot. Within the new group nuts to mount. Now just insert the new chrome rings. Then tighten the nuts. Having the coma forethought when you are unscrewed and preceding alternately every lap. Lap and a half until arriving at the end of tightening nuts without these being tight so exaggerated.

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