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A dummy door handles is a knob that is similar to a standard door handle, but does not work as a normal door handle. It does not turn nor has a lock or mechanism of any kind. It is merely a handle, is used in general, to opening and closing the door, it may be attached. The dummy bumps are commonly associated with double doors that close against each other. But only one door is functional. These buds are generally used on “inactive” side of the door, the door without a lock. They are not necessary, but used for symmetry.

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They can also be used on cabinet doors or other doors do not have locks to be closed. Because dummy doorknobs not turn or have a lock and are easy to install (see “Installation” below). Other applications include decorative accent pieces, curtain tiebacks or coat hooks. Dummy doorknobs are usually sold with installation instructions. Generally, however, a dummy door handles mounted by two screws on the surface of a door.

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Iron Dummy Door HandlesSize: 1000 x 1000

Custom Dummy Door HandlesSize: 1128 x 1125

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There has been bored with a large hole for a regular door handle with a lock. Dummy door handles come in all shapes, sizes, styles and designs. They can be made of porcelain, glass, crystal and metals. Like brass, antique brass, bronze and iron. Dummy door handles are sold separately and range in price from approximately $ 5 to more than $ 300. Depending on the material and the style button.

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