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Cremones – A cremones is a locksmith element. It is an organ that ensures the closure of opening two doors . The espagnolette has the same function as the connecting rod. Also using for the closing of windows or window shutters. Principle of cremone: The mechanism engages with a handle. And the cremones consists of two rods metalnamed as rods which slide. Also move up or down depending on the requested action. So, causing the opening or closing Of the lock.

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The cremones consists of two rods. An upper one and a lower (with circular, square, flattened, etc.) which slide in conduits attached to the frame of the opening; The lower and upper conduits take the name of capitals. The rods engage, in the closed position, in strikes fixed to the frame of the frame. The operation is provided by a button. A stand or a loop which actuates a mechanism protected by a box.

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Windows CremonesSize: 900 x 1197

Traditional CremonesSize: 800 x 600

Simple CremonesSize: 800 x 800

Nice CremonesSize: 900 x 578

Modern CremonesSize: 800 x 988

Cremones StyleSize: 800 x 800

Cremones KitchenSize: 1024 x 1530

Cremones ElectricSize: 990 x 660

Cremones DesignSize: 800 x 600

Cremones BoltsSize: 868 x 882

Best CremonesSize: 972 x 1296

Antique CremonesSize: 800 x 800

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The rod of the button is secured to a disk provided with tenons or a toothed pinion. Which act as “cams” and act on racks cut at the end of the rods. The rotation movement causes a straight translational movement of the rods either upwards or downwards. Note for cremones: Some rocker locks maybe mistaken for crevones; In the first case, the mechanism is apparent, whereas in the second case the system is protection by a casing.