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3 compartment sink – A sink or wash basin is the plumbing fixtures are used for washing hands or small objects. In general, wash basin faucet is equipped with hot and cold water supply, drain at the bottom to suck up water used, as well as an integrated soap dispenser.

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3 compartment sink is divided into three categories based on their use – hand sink, prep sink, and sink to wash dishes. While the hand sink usually consists of one compartment, prep sink has one or two compartments. A sink for washing dishes, on the other hand, are usually equipped with a 3 compartment sink: the first is to wash, the second is for rinsing, and the last is for sanitary plate.

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3 compartment sink is typically used in the bathroom or toilet and they usually have intricate designs. They are usually made of various materials such as wood, copper, granite, stainless steel, cast iron, marble, soapstone, terrazzo, stone, concrete, glass, enamel-coated steel, plastics, and ceramics. Preparation and dish washing basin generally used in the kitchen; then they are also referred to as the kitchen sink. Unlike the hand sink, these 2 and 3 compartments sink is generally made of stainless steel.

The emergence of compartment sink is modest compared to the hand sink. However, the kitchen sinks come in various designs. But unlike the hand unit, the design is intended to serve practical purposes not decorative purposes. This sink is perfect for business use such as in a cafe or in a restaurant. There are three designs available to choose from – a corner, stop and stand. The decrease is suitable for small kitchen sink because they take up less space.

To take advantage of spare corner, choose three bowl corner sink. Corner unit actually give you more space than others. Stop by and corner sink usually come with two drain board, standing sinks can come up with a single drain board, two board drain, or without drain boards.

Cafe or restaurant is required to use NSF-certified compartment sink. An NSF-certified wash basin has a rounded interior angle, typically used for food preparation or other activities that need to be cleaned immediately after use to prevent bacterial growth. Meanwhile, non-NSF basin is equipped with square interior angles and more difficult to clean. This type is usually used as a laundry or utility sink.


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