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Shower attachment for bathtub faucet is a project that you can implement without a plumber. Shower and tub faucets come in kits where everything matches. You can remove the old set and install the new one in about thirty minutes.

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Turn the water off at the tap. A water pipe is common in the street during a metal cover. Lift the lid and use the water to turn off the water. There is a knob on top of the water as the key fits. Release the pressure from the water lines. Turn the water handles on. Place the pliers on the nut on the back of the shower nozzle. Keep the shower head with one hand and use tongs to turn the nut counterclockwise.

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Install the new shower attachment for bathtub faucet. Turn the nut on the back of the shower head in a clockwise direction. Using pliers to pull all the way to the shower head. Remove the hot water handle, cold water handle and water diverter handle. Pry up on the edge of the caps until they pop out.

Install the new handle indicates. Place the new cover plates on the stems. Install new crest ring. Position the handles on the end of stalks and screw in place. Fasten the new indicator caps. Install the new spout by either turning it on and tightening with pliers, or sliding it on and tighten the set screw. Wrap a cloth around the new tub spout when tightening it with pliers. Do the same when tightening the shower attachment for bathtub faucet. This will keep you from destroying the finish.

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