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Marble Bathrooms – The very first word when it comes to marble bathrooms is “AESTHETIC”. Marble is a natural stone that has striking colors. It has been very popular in kitchen and bathroom decor. Fireplace surround is also looking great with marble tiles. Minimalist yet glossy marble makes it loved to become one of most favored materials. It is a classic and contemporary among many options to these very days. This means that marble has never gone out of style.

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However, there are pros and cons of marble to become your bathroom decor ideas. Nice and random color patterns give unique look. Classy expensive looking is featured by coherent and consistent style. The marble for bathrooms is applied onto some major portions. They are wall, sink, back splash and counter top the most.

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Bathub In Marble BathroomSize: 1200 x 1200

Black Marble BathroomSize: 1100 x 825

Small Marble BathroomSize: 2360 x 1680

White Marble BathroomSize: 1280 x 960

Modern Marble BathroomSize: 1502 x 1016

Marble Bathroom IdeasSize: 1100 x 826

What are other benefits of marble? Durability is given by its hard to chip quality. Well, marble is a strong natural stone. Easy to clean will help you in keeping marble bathrooms always beautiful.

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What are the cons? Porosity allows humidity to easily be absorbed. However, it is nothing since the easy to clean value. Marble stone is expensive. However, it is worth the price since the amazing quality. Here are several examples of bathrooms with marble.

Versatility allows you to pour almost any idea into your bathroom. Marble bathroom ideas can be learned on different sites. You can go for classic traditional to modern contemporary in the styling. There are limitless way to pour your personal taste into decor ideas.

Are you interested in going modern styling? Combine marble decor with something significant accents! Indeed, sleek finishes and clean lines are major characteristics. Subway tiles for the walls and flooring look impressive. The picture above shows really stunning appearance. Gosh, I love the vanity! It is boosted its elegance by the large mirror.

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Whether small or large bathrooms, white marble gives elegant touch. If you find overall white is too dull, combine it with other colors to create more tones. Small spots on flooring, rattan basket, red flowers and some greens also add unique textures.

In small bathrooms, white does always great decor ideas. Wider and spacious impression is what to get. Thus, dark and gloomy atmosphere is avoided. You can make even more elegant bathroom with small spaces by having large windows.

Who wants to go for elegantly distinctive marble bathrooms? ! Combination of both black and white marble features so unique design look. If you do not mind about a little dark atmosphere, then why not having some black parts? To create moody look and feel, it is best to install recessed LED lights. Let natural lights to enter too. Larger windows will do it okay.

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Why having marble bathrooms without a tub made out of it? A marble bathtub will make a fine luxury completion. You can go for white or darker color depending on taste. This design shows that marble bathtubs are more than just luxury. Bathing, soaking and relaxing can be brought into the best level of elegance. There are ones with jets, spa and whirlpool. Your budget that decides what feature to enjoy.

Another con from marble bathrooms is getting cold easily. In how to cope with the issue, just add a complementary rug. An under floor heater is also a great option. So are you ready for a marble bathroom to bring into reality in your home? Please, share your thoughts with us. 🙂