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Duplex outlet cover – Duplex outlet is one of the most common types of outlet configurations. If you are remodeling, add an extension, or to keep your home, is to know how to thread a duplex outlet properly is an important skill to have in your repertoire. Turn off power to the circuit at the breaker box. But, if you’re not quite sure of the circuit supplying power to the circuit, turn off the main power switch.

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Wiring still processing so keep the duplex outlet cover. Next step, strip the cables will be connected to the socket. Wires leading to the outlet will have the black and white wires in the cable strip the insulation back 3/4 inch to expose the bare wire. But, if your outlet is at the end of a circuit, you have a cable to it.

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Connect the bare line of the black wire to the brass-colored screw on the side of the outlet. Connect the black wire goes to the next port (if necessary) to the second screw. On the other side of the outlet, connect the white wire to the silver screw and the white wire leads to the next port (if necessary) to another silver screw. Install outlet box gang (wall box), use the screw holes on the tabs at the top of the outlet. Then add duplex outlet cover.

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