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Firewood holders – A good firewood holder is essential for anyone who heats with wood or even for the casual fireplace. A firewood holder holds wood organized and off the ground. If you plan to store your firewood outside. A firewood holder is invaluable to protect against wet weather it does cover the woodpile with a tarpaulin much easier and allows dry air to circulate under the woodpile. With the right preparation and materials you can build your own fire holder.

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Lay two 2 x 2 x 8 foot boards treated down on a flat work surface parallel to each other and 16 inches apart. These will be the base rails for firewood holders. Cut two 16-inch lengths of 2 x 6-inch board. Then Cut the remaining 2 x 2 x 8 foot table in 16-inch lengths and screw the resulting five support boards to the base rails, evenly spaced apart. Invert structure over so that the base rails sitting on top of the supports. And then cut four 48-inch lengths of 2 x 4 boards and cut two pieces of 1/2 inch plywood on 16 x 48 inches. These will form the side panels for firewood holder.

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Collect the opposite side panel in the same way. Then using the remaining 2 x 4 plates and the remaining 16 x 48 inch section of plywood. Condition one side panel upright and screw the bottom of the panel to the base structure. So as to flush the plywood base and the 2 x 4 support boards standing outside. Attach the opposite side panel in the same way. Cut two 1-foot squares from 1/2 inch plywood. Cut each square along a 45 degrees diagonal to the support to produce four triangles. Screw each triangle support to a bottom corner of firewood holders.

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