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Decorative strap hinges – If you install a gate in a fence or a door to a barn or other building, chances are you will need to use tape hinges. These types of hinges similar rectangular found on interior doors, but one side is elongate to a triangular strap. The band gives you more surface area to carry the weight of a gate or standalone door. Installing them is quite simple.

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Select the correct hinge for the job, both in style and strength. There are a number of decorative strap hinges styles available, from simple but functional for the very decorative still fragile. The hinge you choose will be determine by its location and function. Many hinges provides weight rating that you should be careful to stay within. For example, if you have a 100-pound gate, were two 60-pound hinge works well. Two or three 20 pounds hinges would not.

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Decorative strap hinges, set the door to the closed position and raise it with shims until it is just high enough to swing clear. Using a level to ensure that the door is still. Keep the hinges on which you plan to connect them with the rectangular side of the doorframe and the band on the door. Draw a dot on the door and the door frame through each screw hole. Adjust the hinges to the side.

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