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Shower head diverter valve – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design recognizes two types of handicap-accessible showers. Transfer type showers and rolls-in showers each type requires that the controls for the shower to be within reach of a person seat inside the shower.

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A transfer type shower tray is designed. So that the user can transfer from a wheelchair to a shower chair. Transmission showers must have a minimum area of ​​36 by 36 inches. The shower head diverter valve control must be place on the wall opposite from the seat, and controls may not be more than 15 inches from the center line of the seat. The controls, taps and shower spray unit cannot be more than 38-48 inches from the shower floor.

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In a conventional roll-in compartment, can someone in a wheelchair simply roll into the shower area? The distributor must taps and spray not is higher than 48 inches from the shower floor. If there is a seat available, checks should be place next to the seat wall. Not more than 27 inches away. The shower head diverter valve spray unit should be at least 59 inches long. And easily accessible in both a fixed shower position and as a handheld device. Shower spray units mounted on vertical lines should be position in such a way that they do not prevent the use of handlebars.

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