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Distressed kitchen cabinets – Distressed kitchen cabinets furniture is one that has aged to look older. Distressing creates the impression of patina and old age make an antique piece looks. You can achieve this effect on your own. Start by scrapping part of the finish of the wood. To do this you need sandpaper. Use a medium grit sandpaper. Gently rub the sandpaper against the wood of the cabinets as you try distressed kitchen cabinets. The best way to do this is with a little elbow grease. Be careful not to push out too hard or sandpaper will create holes in the furniture which can be difficult to repair.

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Make small hole in the distressed kitchen cabinets. You can do this with a nail. Scrape the nail against the sides of the cabinet. Do not put too much pressure on the nail or you will damage the wood. You want to be very careful. Use a step ladder to reach high cabinets if needed.  Use a wrench to make small scratches on the doors of the distressed kitchen cabinets. If necessary unhinge doors from the cabinets. Do not press too hard on the key or the wood is very damaged. Try to make random patterns with your key. Avoid using a straight line if possible. Straight lines look too neat and must not give an aged effect.

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Add a crackling medium to effect only a little more antique looking. A cracking medium to create small cracks in the wood. The crackling medium can be poured in one place and spread over the rest of the surface of the wood kitchen cabinets with a small brush. Look for paint brushes that have fine lines on them. Use paintbrushes to capture the edges and middle of the distressed kitchen cabinets.  Add sealer. Once you have added the antique patterns and crackling media to your distressed kitchen cabinets you want to make sure that you preserve your desired finish. Sealants are available at most hardware stores. A sealer can be poured on the wooden distressed kitchen cabinets after the crackling medium had dried. Make sure you get all the corners. Avoid allowing sealer building up in one place. Tips and Warnings : Assemble all the material before you begin. Make sure all windows are open when applying sealer.

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