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PVC floor flange – Replacing the floor flange is relatively easy. The project begins by removing the toilet, which is attached with two on each side of the toilet. The original flange anchored to the floor with wood or cement anchor bolts. Some builders install the flange with glue inside the tube makes removing the original flange difficult. A pry bar under the lip of the flange allows for easier removal of the existing flange. Install the new flange only takes a few minutes.

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How to change a PVC floor flange; mark the location of the toilet retention bolts with lines extending from the sides of the flange. And then loosen the retaining screws holding the flange down with a screwdriver. Then lever flange into the drain by hand or with a skewer. Discard the existing bolts and flange.

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After that to change a PVC floor flange, run a small bead of silicone glue along the edge of the drain pipe. And lower the new flange into the tube. Then turn the flange little to spread the sealant. And then drive new anchor bolts in the floor through the screw holes in the flange with a drill and a screwdriver, drill. Anchor bolts should be slightly larger than the original if you will reuse the existing holes in the floor.

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