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Handicap bathroom rails-The entrance to the bathroom should allow easy entry and exit and be at the same level, which requires no step up or down. The entrance can be designed as an encircling that provide privacy but takes up more space, with a curtain or sliding door, or with a traditional door equipped with hardware that is easy to use. If you choose a door that locks, make sure it can be unlocked from the outside.

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Install handicap bathroom rail

A higher toilet seat is easier for a disabled person to use. The ideal height is 18 inches. Standard height is between 15 and 17 inches. You can install a handicap bathroom rails that is built to a higher altitude, or use a toilet seat extensions to raise the seat height. It should be hand rail on at least one side of the toilet. If the people of size, will use the toilet, do not place it too close to the wall or placing grab bars in close proximity.

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There should be plenty of room under the sink for a person in a wheelchair to roll up to the sink. The tap handles should be easy to reach and to turn. Make sure there is a mirror mounted low enough for a sitting person to use too. If you want to have a shower, it should be at the same level as the rest of the handicap bathroom rails, grab bars and have to be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair to be used for bathing.

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