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Mortise entry lockset – You can buy refurbished or reproduction plug locksets to replace the old ones. In fact, the process of installing them lighter than their modern counterparts. As long as the door is already proper to cut with the narrow vertical hole long the front edge.

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Remove the mortise entry lockset to your hardware door, or search online to find one that has the same dimensions. Compare not only the unit’s exterior dimensions. But also the distance between the wheel hole and front of the device. Because this measurement must be exact. Slide the new plug-in unit in narrow vertical hole in the front of the door where the old unit came out. Press until the plate that is around the front of the device fits snugly against the front edge of the door.

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Mortise Entry LocksetSize: 976 x 900

Attach the new drive by driving screws through the holes above and below the barrier, in the same screw holes where the previous lock was connected. Push the new door handle trunk through the knob hole, with a knob attached to one end. Attach the other wheel on the other side, screwing it on clockwise and secure it with the collar screw. Now you have new mortise entry lockset.

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