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Harbor breeze ceiling fan – Harbor wind is house line of ceiling fans to Lowe’s. Harbor breeze manufactures a wide range of ceiling fans with options including light kits and reversible knives. The reversible knives have different colors on each side or different wood designs. One way to change the look of a room is simply to flip the wings of the harbor breeze fan. All fans, including the harbor breeze, attach the blade bracket that spins with the engine reversible knives.

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Below is instructions to flip the wings of harbor breeze. First, turn off Harbor breeze ceiling fan and allow the blades to come to a complete stop. Place a step stool during fan, so you can reach the turbine blades. Remove the two screws securing fan blades to the mounting bracket with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the blade and repeat the process for the remaining blades. This not enough with removing the blade. Put a cup of coffee and keep reading.

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After the blade removed now time to wash blades in hot, soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. Rinse threaded holes on either side of the blade and dry. The holes are where mounting screws thread into the blade. Dust and dirt build on the top of the blades. Dry each wing of harbor breeze fan with a towel. Click the blade so that the color or finish you want, turn points down. Align the mounting holes on the blade with the mounting holes on the blade bracket. You will be done after some step below.

Install security screws through the bottom of the blade bracket and into the blade. Repeat for the remaining blades to ensure that the same side of the blade pointing down on all wings. For your tips also notes, you can do this instruction to harbor breeze ceiling fan. Only Harbor breeze fans with two different color wings are suitable for blade flipping. If your wings are the same color, or you have no threaded holes on the opposite side of the blade, turn the blade. Moreover, more notes for you, be carefully when to use the tool. Safety work is the first thing to do everything. How? Can you get something ideas of this page? If you love this website, you can find other ideas for your home decoration. So keep your internet connection and find awesome ideas every post.

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