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Hampton bay ceiling fans – Whether you are decorating a room for a child or just looking to make an interior space more festive and functional, interactive ceiling fan be an exciting addition to your home. Unlike traditional ceiling fans that only spin around for hours, offering little in way of creativity or visual interest, interactive ceiling fans draw people in with their intriguing physical properties. If you are thinking of installing an interactive fan, or remodeling an existing fan to make it interactive, there are several ideas that can help.

Posted on November 12, 2017 Home Decor

While majority of fans are “interactive” in sense that you can turn them on or off with flick of switch or pull of a chain, not all of them have same response as others. Some models, for example, has multiple speed settings, so you can set fan on low, medium or high setting depending on how much air movements that you want to generate. But for a truly interactive experience, consider installing a modern hampton bay ceiling fans that has all bells and whistles. As home improvement and do-it-yourself resource site Home Tips finds some models have wireless remote controls so you can adjust fans, or turn it on and off from comfort of a sofa or chair. Other ceiling fans models actually interact with surrounding environment, and make adjustment rate in response to temperature changes in home.

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to keep your baby or small child entertained before bed, a hampton bay ceiling fans in bedroom mobile be solution. As fan at a set low speed, already provides premise gentle spinning mobile, all you have to do is attach decorations. According parenting resource site Parents Connect, includes some ideas attach colored paper circles to bottom of fan blades and hanging streamers and small stuffed animals from leaves. For an educational twist, try to create a model universe mobile. lamp in middle of fan can work like sun, and you can use painted polystyrene foam balls to represent planets.

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Since blades of a fan already resemble blades of a propeller, you can easily transform a hampton bay ceiling fans in your child’s room into a roof planes. Just hang up a cardboard or poster board body and tail behind fan, and put on two cardboard wings. Of course, making plane appear stylish and perfectly shaped will be a difficult task. As an alternative, you may consider purchasing a pre-fabricated aircraft-style ceiling fans. As ceiling fan review site ceiling fan Wizard notes, these fans have three-bladed “propeller” just like in real aircraft.

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