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Corner drapery rod – Window treatments have ability to completely change look of any room. In addition to curtains, choice of hardware. Including drapery rods, tiebacks and finials, add little things that give great effect. Type of curtains that you choose will affect type of drapery rod needed. Whether you choose traverse rods, cafe rods or drapery poles, is fit key to creating perfect window treatment for your room

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Determine type draperies you want. Length, width, fullness and style will ultimately determine type of corner drapery rod you need and where to place them. Measure width of window. For internal mounting rods, measure from frame to frame. For outside mount rods, measure window width and add 5:57 inches per side to provide ample space for draperies to block light on each side. You also need to factor in room for finials at each end of window.

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Measure one to two inches above top of window for proper placement of pleated, back tab or other top-hung styles. If you plan to use tab tops or a corner drapery rod with rings, add another two inches to allow top of drapery to hang over top of window. Consider how much space you need for proper stacking of draperies when opened completely. There should be enough space for draperies to open and close with ease, without brushing against wall. Draperies made of heavier materials will require more depth than pure substances or laggards rings or tab tops.

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