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Deck mounted pot filler – pot filler faucets are extremely useful additions to your modern kitchen. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, these taps allows you to add water to your cooking Potter without moving them from the stove. Installation is relatively straightforward, especially if there is a water connection behind your cooker. If you are not familiar with running plumbing lines through your walls, contact a professional plumber to do the job.

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Adding a deck mounted pot filler for your kitchen can give you excellent functionality while eliminating the need to carry heavy pots of water between the sink and stove. Then decide where to place the pot filler, is one of the most important considerations height of your tallest pot. Be sure that your new pot filler will easily fit over this pot.

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Deck mounted pot filler at a height that is comfortable. There are two levels to consider: the height of the spout and neck attached to the deck. And then every kitchen is different and plan around different needs. Consider any situation. Measure the height of pots on the stove. Also consider where the tap will be placed on the wall. Make sure it will not prevent any cabinets or decorative backsplash.

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