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Copper floor flange – A floor flange is a term used in the installation of construction and plumbing industry for decorative, structural, sanitary and safe describe. When construction elements flange floor typically consists of a flat plate provided. With a number of mounting holes and a shaped, hollow pedestal. The disc is screwed or bolted to the floor through the mounting holes and the column. Or pole that is supporting by the flange fix to the base. Plumbing fixtures floor flanges serve as attachment points for toilets, as well as a mounting interface between the trap and exhaust pipes.

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A widely used building and sanitary equipment, floor flange secures poles, posts, beams and fixtures to floors of buildings. These flanges are usually one-piece flange socket combinations. The flat copper floor flange drilling with a number of mount holes and the outlet can also drill to accept locking screws.

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Copper Floor FlangeSize: 1024 x 768

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The sanitary floor flanges using as an anchor point and assault device for toilets. Below are images show you various materials and coatings use in the construction of floor flanges. Most construction flanges make from copper floor flange oft finishing with decor compliment the decorative plates and embellishments. So consider your floor what the best flange material to use. Choose which one as you like.

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