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Round firewood rack can also be an aesthetic way to store firewood in the yard. It really makes it safer to have around the farm because the sides of firewood racks will keep the wood from the tumbling of the pile. A round firewood rack will add a rustic and useful accessory for your living room. It can really add to your log cabin atmosphere and also provide a place to store and dry wood. A rack will save you from taking a trip to the wood pile every time you want to throw a log on the fire too. That way you can just enjoy and relax by the fire. The racks can be made in any design or style you like.

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Types of racks

You can choose between a typical round firewood rack and iron wood rack. Each has its advantages. A round firewood rack simply requires common tools to build and can be constructed in your garage or even in an apartment if you get resourceful enough. An iron rack requires a forge and iron bending tools to do. You must also have good knowledge of forging techniques, or at least has experience bending pipes and metal pipes.

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Round Wood Rack CoverSize: 800 x 600

Round Log Rack CoverSize: 800 x 880

Match rack to your décor; you will probably want to match the rack to your home decor. If you have a modern home, an iron rack looks out of place. However, you can modernize the design itself, minimizing design elements and create cleaner, more contemporary angle if you really want an iron stand.

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