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Live edge coffee table – This is the question people ask for different reasons. The high price, the wrong size or color you liked the table. Make it interesting coffee table, it is easy and cheap. In addition, you can choose the color, size and shape of the table, at its discretion, and is a great advantage.

Posted on December 6, 2017 Home Furniture

  1. Choose your favorite model.
  2. Draw your table. Note in the figure, the length, width and height. The dimensions can be both standard and arbitrary (of course taking into account the proportions). This is one of the advantages of the self-production of furniture.
  3. Drawing a picture, in which each item live edge coffee table with metal legs and displayed separately. Specify the size and number of pieces. Mark the side of details that must be glued to the edge. Do not forget to specify the location and diameter of the drill holes.
  4. Prepare a place to build table a. Spread on the floor wrapping paper or plastic wrap to prevent scratching table Sunnite. Place the items in the order they need to be. Prepare the appropriate tool and start riding your coffee table a. 9. Place table Sunnite on the floor established mouth. For her hold the side walls or legs. If by design, secure the shelf (shelves). Then comes the bottom table to and wheels (where they exist). Build some live edge coffee table s advisable to start from below. 10. Look at his new coffee table. Not only themselves, which in itself is worthy of respect, but also save a lot of money.
  5. Find a company that sells wood laminated particleboard (Modern furniture Most of this material). Make all the necessary details. It can also provide cutting edges and drilling. It is the most convenient option for you. However, guided by prices that are sometimes preferable to glue the edge holes and drilling.
  6. If your city does not have these businesses, contact the company, making custom furniture. Prices are a bit higher, but quite acceptable. Start, asking “board” instead of live edge coffee table (A significant difference in the price). 6. Pending ordering, purchase all necessary accessories for your table and (bolts, screws, cams, wheels). Even at the stage of drawing, calculate how much you need. 7. Check the quality of work done by you (not allowed larger chips, scratches, etc.) and compare with the number of finished parts specified in the drawing. Only then pay in full order.
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