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Classy Closet – Every bedroom will need the best closet in it as the appropriate place to keep personal thing including clothes and accessories. The best closet can give feel of comfortable to its users, and can encourage him or her to put many things neatly there. Imagine if you have a terrifying closet, you should meet with it everyday when you are going to go to work or school, and it makes you really hard to find something you need so hurry. Having the best, and well organized classy closet is needed without any compromise. It is what many fashionista need at their bedroom or apartment.

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The closet itself is not only the room where you put the clothes and other personal thing, not to mention it is also the place to maintain them all. Your expensive bags, your expensive shoes, and your leather jacket, need the perfect place to ‘rest’. So for the shake of helping you finding the ideas, design and style, we provide some easy but cool ideas here we hope can be a great helper for you all.

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Modern Classy ClosetSize: 1150 x 769

Classy Closet DesignSize: 1600 x 1200

Classy Closet BoutiqueSize: 1600 x 1200

Classy ClosetSize: 1200 x 857

Best Classy ClosetSize: 1000 x 787

2016 Classy ClosetSize: 426 x 640

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This is a small classy closet that appears highly fascinating with its corridor in the middle between two walls filled with shelves. If you also only have a small room for closet, you can try this one, just like galley kitchen layout in the kitchen, the overall wall is filled with the shelves of shoes and bags.

A wooden shelves classy closet will appear simple yet elegant in your room. It will be a cool walk in closet at high value made of any good quality wood such cherry or oak. It is spacious enough with some hooks, hangers, and shelves perfected with boxes to put smaller items.

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It is a charming white closet with very great feature including shelves for shoes, shelves for bags, and bookcase, and in the bottom of closet, there are some drawers to put accessories. This classy closet is also multifunction with desk in the middle, because sometime it is used as reading room.

To have a very cool classy closet, you also need to add element of glass and metal into the room area. You can consider to have a walk in closet with glass door. It looks luxurious and pretty charming. The stripped accent area rug surely add its charming look.

Again, if you also have a very limited space you can tur into a classy closet, you can make it like this one. It has the more shelves for shoes, and for a shoe collection, this shelves design is pretty cool and functional. Even, its corner is also used to put a bag shelves, creative!

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To have coolest classy closet at home, you need to be smart in considering color and style of it. White, gold, grey and brown can give luxury feel to the room. You can try to make your classy closet in all white, and little bit fade and beige color as the addition.

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