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Copper farmhouse sink – The beautiful rust color a copper sink can give a bathroom or kitchen with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are many types of copper sinks, and you should evaluate the different styles to find the most appropriate to coordinate with your decor. These sinks can vary in price from $ 200 to upwards of $ 2 000. Copper sinks require some maintenance and routine care to ensure they last for years to come

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The use of copper dates back more than 10 000 years, which places it among the world’s first metal construction materials. Double sink bathroom vanity is primarily made in Mexico, India and the United States. The methods currently used to construct copper sinks back hundreds of years. Hand-hammered copper sinks were made centuries ago, most of them in Mexico. Some copper sinks are still hand-made in this way today, although other modern methods are more common.

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Today, copper farmhouse sink are available with either smooth or rough texture. Hammered surfaces are ideal for kitchen use, since they hide scratches and dents caused by pots and pans. Copper sinks are also available in the styles known as during installation or farmhouse, which is basically an over mount sink. The house style has a large lip at the front to help it fit as an over mount sink. It is best to assess the style you are looking for to help coordinate with your decor.

There are four different types of common copper finish. Dark smoke and Rio Grande ends offer the deepest colors, while cafe natural is the lightest color, copper comes in Matte copper provides a smoother finish, while a nickel finish similar to stainless steel. Proper care will ensure that your copper farmhouse sink has a long life. Copper gradually changes into a warmer color over time, so do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can mar the surface. Also, you should not use a copper cleaner in the sink, as these cleaners can dull the surface. Thoroughly wipe the sink basin and copper drain clean with a soft microfiber cloth after each use. If still water remains on the copper for a long time, it could stain or mar the surface. Apply a copper wax sealant at least three or four times a year to help repel water from the sink surface. Apply a small amount of this wax with a soft cloth and evenly apply it all over the sink basin, rinse and drain.

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