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Automatic door closer hinge – When you use your General Electric Profile refrigerator model, it is important that the refrigerator door closes properly. If your door does not close all the way, the cold air to escape and your food may not stay fresh. To fix the problem, make sure that your door is level by adjusting door hinge adjustment screws, located near the bottom hinge of the door.

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To adjust automatic door closer hinge, first you need to open the door of your General Electric Profile refrigerator. And then open and close the door to determine if the door needs to raise or lower. If the door is hanging low when opened then you should take it up. And if the door is up too high then you should lower it.

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Locate the adjuster screw in the bottom hinge on the side of the door. Turn the adjusting screw to the right with a 1/4 inch wrench if you want to raise the door. Turn the adjusting screw to the left to lower the door. Close the door and then open it again to test automatic door closer hinge the direction of the door. Adjust the screw until the door is leveled to meet your needs.

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