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Artist, Jessica:

"Self-taught" artist Jessica Rowell, born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a Denver, Colorado creative and local raised in southeast Aurora. At age 28, her study in the arts has extended over a 15-year period originating in traditional art as a former disciplined painter, which later extended toward self-expressionism and experimentation with outward image, identity, and the alteration of personal wardrobe. The copiousness of her imagination eventually expanded both beyond the canvas and self leading into the endless world of costume design where she established a necessary outlet to openly create. Through a multitude of mediums necessary in constructing a garment, Jessica has developed skill-sets in draping, embroidery, beading, sculpting, painting and more. She is a practicing costume designer who has cultivated technique and knowledge through decisive independent study, garnering direct industry experience and growth through feats of trial and error. Her process is often intuitive and uses a free-form methodology where she designs fluidly from fabric directly to form. With an inclination toward the avant garde, designer Jessica explores diverse genre while maintaining a strong sense of self and artistic identity often working in the gray area between ‘costume’ and ‘fashion’. Many of Jessica’s pieces are created resourcefully and/or sustainably, frequently crafted from thrifted, up-cycled, re-purposed textiles or found items. On the other side of constructing garments, Jessica is artistically involved in the digital world of costume and fashion where she contributes conceptually to digital media and film projects. Her involvement can entail anything from styling, artistic direction, set design to current ventures into photography. Jessica is a recent a two-time Weta Workshop finalist of renowned international award show World of WearableArt based in Wellington, New Zealand. Representing the United States in the World of WearableArt competition, her garment entries in 2016 and 2017 were among the few selected to participate from the states. Jessica's 2016 garment entry "Madame Deficit" exhibited with Face to Face with the World's Best exhibition at the National WOW Museum in Nelson, New Zealand January-September. In 2017, Jessica also appeared as a demonstrator for the Studio Artist Program at the Denver Art Museum where she worked on a community-created garment. Returning to the Denver Art Museum again in 2017, Jessica collaborated with Untitled Final Fridays for the Adult Program where she exhibited a fashion installation that documented visitor's wishes. Her focus in the future is to broaden her presence and involvement in public art spaces in addition to accomplishing future professional certifications. Through her bespoke brand JCHAN, Jessica specializes in fabricating one-of-a-kind works in addition to fulfilling commissioned works for private clientele, editorial, film, stage, television and more. J-CHAN not only caters to local clients on creative and collaborative projects, but also services clientele nationally as well as internationally while working cohesively from afar. For further information on Jessica's work, resume, or to commission her for your next project please inquire via info[at]

Media Reviews +Excerpts:

"A force to be reckoned with." – COILHOUSE Magazine, San Francisco, CA

Not one to run with the pack, Rowell has a singular design aesthetic uniquely her own, one that was quietly bred in Aurora, Colorado, to erupt onto the fashion scene in a most-welcomed sensory sneak attack.” - IN Magazine, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"When given a choice, designer Jessica Rowell chooses to go bold." -JUTE Magazine, Denver, CO

"A quiet and different child once, Jessica Rowell grew up to become one of Colorado's best alternative fashion and costume designers..." - Chasseur Magazine, London, UK

"...She takes a seemingly inanimate object and sheds new life into it by creating her bespoke designs." - Noctis Magazine, London, UK

"J-Chan's Designs goes against the all-American casually chic aesthetic and evokes something a little more emotional. Her label is a clear affirmation that the future is now." – Di Moda Magazine, Denver, CO