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12 Inch Curtain Rods – Small windows can be a challenge to cover. Because, there are often very few prefab curtains to suit your small sizes. If you have a small camper window, a round porthole window, an octagonal window or any other small window. There is a treatment that fits the window. Some ideas for small curtains are easy to make and will not take long.

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There are some steps to put the 12 inch curtain rods for your small window. Measure your small square window and the curtain will adequately cover the window. Make a cut at each top corner of the curtain. And 12 inch lengths of ribbon yarn per slot. Tie the ribbons around the curtain rod fasteners to each side of the window. Raise and lower the new curtain by tying the tapes of greater or less.

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You can also buy a printed window curtain and cut off your roller. Fold the top over the back and sew together to form a hem upper. Slide a curtain rod through the hem. Freely coil around the shade around the rod to make it easier to place. To place a circle of pearls around the 12 inch curtain rods and curtain to act as a loop. Open the curtain, hang from the curtain rod, pull the kernels and knot it. When the curtain is at the desired height.

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